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le tigre mecanique's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
le tigre mecanique

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[ August 8th 2008 & 9:41am]
i always convince myself that the world is going to end.
it never does.
i kind of feel stuck in purgatory.
stuck in waiting.
i just want something to happen.
i want to do something.
i always worry about ending up as nothing.
but i can't seem to get anything to happen.
i want to lay in bed all day.
fuck work.
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[ November 25th 2007 & 7:42pm]
scottie b in bloomington friday. its on mother fuckers.
life is weird. i have a weird feeling in my stomach.
im afraid.
i just want to be someone.
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[ November 19th 2007 & 6:21pm]
my hand slipped into your hand. and it was awesome. and you were special.
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[ November 11th 2007 & 6:05pm]
so my lifes been pretty spot on lately.
this city isn't so so bad anymore. theres some hidden gems.
lets blow the lid off this place.
like thermite
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[ November 5th 2007 & 6:13pm]
today is the first step. got my duct tape out.
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[ November 2nd 2007 & 7:13am]
its 7:13. im getting my sleep schedule in order for monday.
buses don't fail me today or i'll beat some ass.
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[ October 29th 2007 & 1:38am]
i hate this city and  most of you in it. ill burn it down and build something new and you'll all just be begging to know me or act like you cared. but you don't now so fuck off.

i don't know what im doing with my life though.
stumbling round the dark.
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[ October 26th 2007 & 12:59pm]
i don't like a good amount of the people that i know.
most of them just annoy me. or abandon me in the end.
making me always feel like i did something wrong.
maybe i just don't understand people.

All the people that you know

All the people that you know
All those people that you know
Floating in the river are logs
Well, let's take this potted plant
To the woods and set it free
I'm going to tell the owners
Just how nice that was of me
I could buy myself a reason
I could sell myself a job
I could hang myself for treason
For I am my own damn god

on that note theres a lot of cool people entering my life lately. lets just hope they don't run off too.
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[ October 23rd 2007 & 12:11pm]
Come with me, come with me
We'll travel to infinity
Come with me, come with me
We'll travel to infinity
I'll always be there
Uh-oh my future love
I'll always be there
For you, my future love
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[ October 21st 2007 & 3:46pm]
i think i found the right people in this city. lets do it.
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[ October 15th 2007 & 2:25am]
i want that winter back. so badly.
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[ October 13th 2007 & 11:55pm]
you are my apple cider.
you are my sweater.
you are my blanket of warmth.
you are the dancing shadows at the bonfire.
and i miss you.
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[ October 12th 2007 & 11:47am]
is it too hard to ask for some sunshine?
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[ October 10th 2007 & 6:44pm]
i want to be alone today.
well no.
theres one person id like to be with.
but that isn't possible right now.
im off to europe.
walking now.
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[ October 9th 2007 & 3:26pm]
holding out for what i want.
i need a job.
before my head explodes.
i need your love.
10 bucks if you can name that song.
actually none.
but its a great song.
i'm getting sick of doing nothing.
i'm going to watch mighty boosh and make music all day and be obscure and write.
help me think of something to write about.
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[ October 8th 2007 & 7:56pm]
fuck everyone of you.
im going to ireland.
and i doubt im coming back. ill be so close to paris ill be able to taste it.
fuck i might just fly there lol. or swim the channel.
but srsly.
i can't do what i was doing anymore.
me me me me me me me.
but you.
only you.
that makes sense to none of you.
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[ October 6th 2007 & 1:55am]
i love whisky sours.
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[ October 5th 2007 & 8:15pm]
tonights theme:
one toke over the line sweet jesus.
i'm one toke over the line.
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[ October 4th 2007 & 9:58pm]
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[ October 3rd 2007 & 11:26am]
i had a dream about three 6 mafia. and it was for their new video. i've got a feeling the next single is going to be like money. it just screams next single. but i was in the video. it was amazing. you have no idea my extensive love for them.
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